Buying a gaming value, you automatically agree with the rules that are listed below

1) Rules of servers (most game projects) banned the sale of gaming values ​​\ exchange between servers. During that game account \ character can be banned \ removed. Your account with scanty chance (but it is still there), can be blocked , we will do our best to complete anonymity, but this is a chance.

2) Privacy Policy, we do not use all the data obtained from the orders for their own purposes or for the transmission of third parties, solely for the needs of the order (payment for the goods, shipping, refining, receipt)

3) Delivery of game values ​​is performed from 10 minutes to 24 hours (in rare cases).

4) All contacts are on the site ICQ 615-154-864. Skype r33tFreez (without points, characters, set-top boxes and other things, pay attention, we are not responsible for your not careful)