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    On the site r33Team - a reliable partner for each playerThe 4game project is a complex of official servers of the game Lineage 2 in the European space. It has a high stability and a huge audience which become a guarantee of a constant fun and interesting battles.

    R33Team service offers to buy adena ramona server or core directly on this page in order to quickly strengthen the character and join the main events together with a large audience. We offer a low price for the currency, which is much lower than other distributors offer. We also let you offer your own price and we’ll be glad to consider it and offer you the best price. You also get discounts when you buy adena ramona or core servers in bulk.

Why you should choose us?

    Thousands of users who made a purchase here during the 3 years of the company's existence consider r33Team site as a trusted and reliable service. We provide you with the guarantees for PayPal and G2A payment systems, where a refund policy is determined. Scammers have no way to provide the same guarantees since it is necessary to become a legal entity. You can choose any payment system to pay for your order, but the fact that we provide PayPal and G2A speaks for itself. Extracted adena on Core and ramona servers are stored inside the game, stocks are replenished every two hours. A team of professional players who know the ways of fast farming work on this. So you can be sure that we do not use any additional utilities and bots to accumulate gold.

Delivery and Safety

    The speed of Adena extraction is explained by the number of employees and their experience in this area. You can buy adena core or ramona and be completely sure that it does not threaten to block the account.The r33Team is the leader in the industry of sales of Lineage 2 gaming services. We achieved it by being honest with the customers as well as by our ability to deliver orders quickly. The team will not accept the adena ru off order and other servers if there is no available amount at that time. Therefore, contact the online chat and we will provide the necessary information. Delivery takes no loonger than 15 minutes after receiving the request.In addition to providing services for core and ramona buy game currency, r33Team offers assistance in any other game aspects. It can be the pumping of a character of any class, the extraction of resources, the passage of tasks, the cleaning of dungeons. Contact our team and explain the situation. Together we can deal with it at a reasonable price.


Q: Do you have adena in stock?
A: Yes, we restock it every 2 hours.

Q: Do you have discounts for a big amounts?
A: Yes, you can speak about it with operator

Q: Why should i trust you ?

A: Check our feedbacks, check our price, check our payment system (g2a guarantee,PayPal refund policy etc)

Q: I want deliver it in 6:00 morning, how much time delivery takes?
A: Arround 10 minutes after order, but first speak with operator.