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Talking islands

Many of us remember the day when this awesome server opened. From the very beginning of his discovery, he shocked people with high online, friendly team of game masters and epic events. And what is very cool - it is classic!

What is a classic server?

This is a unique version of the Lineage 2, which was released in 2004. You will play in accordance with the very classic game mechanics. It means, that you will start playing with 1st level character, the experience multiplier is usually set from x1 to x7, mobs are more powerful and if you want to get some epic equipment - you need to work well, it will be hard. It’s better decision to buy l2classic adena Talking Islands from us!

What about adena?

As you know, gold is super necessary for player in Lineage 2, as it is the foundation of everything. Want to improve equipment? Need to purchase boosts or potions? Need that epic sword? That's right, my friend, for all of this magnificence you have to pay. Sure, you can get adena from mobs, but you better believe, that it will hard. For example, you can get gold with: - usual farming mobs; - crafting weapons, armor, boosters, jewelry, materials; - create a dwarf character, you will get more loot from dead monsters; - kill other players and pick up the loot, that will be dropped from them. And remember, that adena on Lineage 2 classic server will drop in very small amounts, since the drop rate of gold from monsters is very low. You want to avoid mobs grind and buy l2 classic ti it seems.

And this is right decision!

We will save you from the months and years of endless mobs grind. Our team members play on all classic servers and can provide you with the widest range of services. Do you want to buy adena l2 classic ti server? No problem. Want ingame delivery? Easy! We will fulfill your every wish very quickly and in the shortest possible time. Our team contains real professionals in their field who have a responsible approach to their work. You can buy any Talking Island Adena anytime!

How to contact us?

It's very simple, contact the online operator at any time convenient for you and you get everything you want, from adena to epic equipment. Looking forward to you, we will make your game comfortable.

Here you check some videos from Talking Island server