Discounts and Promotions


 Have you noticed that big expensive shops often offer discounts? But really good smaller shops with lower prices almost never do that because their price is already affordable. In our shop we try not to increase prices but bring them lower. 

The reason why r33team never offers any discounts or sales

    Good customer services and fast delivery are the most important things for us. We are sure that it's important for the player to receive the order fast while playing the Lineage2. So online customer support 24/7 and fast delivery build a basis of a good customer services which brings us satisfied clients. As an example, our Chinese competitors offer 5% discount and 5 days of delivery. Imagine you pay $50 and get 5% discount which is $2,5. And then you wait for 5 days. For this period of time the price may go even lower than it was while making an order so choosing a shop with discounts was not worth it. You can guess why those shops have bad reviews and 1-3 stars rating. In our shop we have 5–35 mins delivery time which bring us many happy customers.

So, it is your principle — not to give a discount? 

    Not exactly. You can always have a personal agreement with our guys about getting a discount, however there are situations when our operator may refuse from doing that. For example, it depends on: — Adena availability — Demand for Adena within 1 day (in case the amount of Adena in stock is less than needed for current orders) — Existence of not finished orders — Ability to finish the order for the shortest possible time etc. In case, there are no situations like above, we will be happy to give you a discount per your request. 3

 What was the biggest discount you've provided? 

    More than 40%, but it was done by giving an extra currency. The buyer spent a lot on the order. Basically it was a total sold out was really soon. We gifted the customer the items and jewelry for a total of 40% of the original price. Usually we give 5-15% discount off price or give some extra adena bonus. Like when you order 100kk but will get 110kk. It's not much, but it's still a pleasant gift to get. 3

Can I get a discount if I found a place with the lower prices?

    Everybody wants the service which is - Cheap - Fast - With high Quality However, it's not always like that. You can go ahead and provide our operator with a link to the shop where you saw the lower price, and we may agree on giving some discount for you. But in most cases, we get links to the sites which never send any gold but simply fool their customers. We will not pay attention to such services. In case you have any suggestions,please send us an
email We will reply shortly!