Discounts and Promotions


Every time you buy in our store, you save more and more, as we have for all orders accumulative discount. To activate it, you need to enter the e-mail. Cumulative discount is valid from the first order. For discounts, we summarize all your previous prepaid orders.
Final discount each order - is calculated from the sum of what you have bought, and now intend to buy.
Example. That is, each order is taken into account the sum of all paid earlier. To do this, neither the registration nor any further action is needed, simply enter e-mail box
But that is not all.
As for the different numbers in the order price is different.
If you buy less than 500 units of game currency - the price of one. More than 500 - it can be a little cheaper.

Total discount is displayed in the green scale on the order form
1) We also have a special offer found cheaper - it would make even cheaper!
As simple. You will need to provide another service in which the price is lower and we will do even lower!
2) Bring your friend and get 10% bonus on the amount of Adena order your friend!