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L2classic.club adena

How to buy chars? Connect to operator in right corner and ask about char (identify your char with number #3,4,5)

Important (power level) :

1. We need access to your account

2. We guarantee of exping without bots only by hands.

3. You can allow or forbid to use SS (Spirit shots or soulshots).

4. All adena & items in powerleveling - yours.

If you have some questions , ask operator in right corner.

1 Class change cost 5$
2 Class change cost 14$

We have been working with this server since the very beginning of its opening in 2015. From the very first minute of the server, we are doing everything to make your time here as convenient as possible.

Talking Island x3 Free server

This server provides you with a harsh world in which there’s no help waiting. The world that will show you what Lineage 2 is in all its glory. Here you have more than once or twice the opportunity to show everyone real bravery and heroism. No tips, bonuses and gifts. Can you survive in this harsh world, which, although it is on the other side of the screen and challenges you? Rates are set on

: - getting experience: x3;

- SP: x3;

- amount of gold drop: x2;

- chance of item drop: x1;

- chance of spoil drop: x1;

- adena and xp reward for quests: x2;

- raid Bosses item drop chance: x1.

Well, this is hardcore looks like. Is this server looks like hell? Pretty sure.

Dion server new x3 2023 Free server  - On sell!

But you can lower the degree of hardcore on this server!

This project is an ideal place for pain-loving players. But what to do if you want to enjoy the game's difficulty in a reasonable limits? For this you have us and our services called free classic buy adena. Not enough gold to buy that awesome sword? No problem. Not enough coins to purchase buffs? We will help you. Need to buy those materials for crafting, and gold is not enough? Easily solve this problem.

How to contact us?

It is very easy. Just contact our online operator for classic club buy adena, specify the required amount of gold and the desired payment method. Choose from three delivery options: - by ingame mail; - sale in the in-game shop; - shipping in-game courier. We accept all types of currencies, including Bitcoin and PayPal. The adena you ordered will be delivered to you within 15-25 minutes, our team consists of 20 proven and reliable players from the server, they are real professionals in their field. They take their work very responsibly, so you can be sure that they will deliver your order in the shortest possible time. Using our services you will provide your game with comfort and fun. Battle calls, my friend, go fight for glory and victory, adena classic club awaits!