Buy adena x3

Excellent classic server concurrence x3, high online, responsive administration. From us the same - the best prices for Aden + great discounts!

Server 10kk 50kk 100kk 200kk
Talking Island x3 4,5$ 22,5$

Minimal Order =50kk

Before the order, write to the operator.

We accept only Paypal Visa&Master Card & Skrill & G2A

If your payment system is Paypal, please contact the operator. Automatic paypal payments are not possible.



All chars sellings with mails and all data (security passwords etc) , we don't sell chars without mail's.

updated: 04.10.2018

#1 Gladiator 73 level, sls*sls +4 othel focus 3 lvl, heavy war axe, bw heavy set, bo jewerly set, some adena and stuff in WH200 EUR
#2 Phantom Ranger 76 level, (without items)258$
#3 Adventurer 78 level, not items just some ( event items)
#4 Necromancer 70 level, karmian set +6.BO set.About lvl in private message. 79$
#5 SWS 74 level. (without items). 300$
#6 Overlord 62 level (without items).280$
#7 Shillien Elder 71 level.  (without items).
#8 Grand Khavatari 77 lvl. (without items).240 EUR
#9 Silver Ranger 72 level, (without items). 191$

How to buy chars? Connect to operator in right corner and ask about char (identify your char with number #3,4,5)

Important (power level) :

1. We need access to your account

2. We guarantee of exping without bots only by hands.

3. You can allow or forbid to use SS (Spirit shots or soulshots).

4. All adena & items in powerleveling - yours.

If you have some questions , ask operator in right corner.

1 Class change cost 5$
2 Class change cost 14$