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Chronos server

Chronos is one of the very best Lineage 2 servers. Awesome online, nice administration, friendly community and lots of vivid impressions. Plus, this server is official, it was created and maintained by the game developers NCSOFT. And as always, just like on all Lineage 2 servers, there is always lack of adena.

Why is gold is so important?

 Adena is a game currency that you need to buy resources, equipment, buffs, materials ingredients and other. You can get it in many different ways. Just start killing monsters for example, you can create special game class for farming even, it is called dwarf-spoiler, start crafting armor, weapons, potions, buffs, jewelry and sell them, you can even buy items cheaper and sell by more high price. It will costs you great efforts, extremely a lot of time. So free yourself from this madness and buy adena chronos from us! All of us have real life and have no time and desire to sit in front of the monitor for months, making endless gold farm, using usual methods. Our team have a nice offer for you to buy adena chronos NCSOFT! Why do you spend dozens of hours of your life, if you can just buy as much gold as you need from our team!

How to contact us?

To do this, you can contact our operator at any time convenient for you and choose amount of gold needed and select payment method. All your wishes will be taken into account. Even a discount during purchase is possible, but it can only be provided by prior arrangement with the site administrator. Also, you can catch our adena sales and buy gold for awesome price. You will receive your coins very fast and just right in hands. So what are you waiting for, contact us and get a lots of money, your adena lineage 2 chronos awaits!