Q: I decided to buy game currency in their favorite game c Where do I start?

A: Select the desired server from the list and pay for the order, if you have any questions, please contact your service (lower right corner) or by contact ICQ 615-154-864, Skype r33tFreez (no points).

Q: What payment methods are there at your service?

A: All payment methods provided Nextpay service,more than 20. Also we accept paypal.

Q: How is the deal?

A: After placing the order, within 5-15 minutes (in rare cases delayed, this prevents the operator) to Your nickname, enters the number of game currency, calculated on the basis of a course on your server.

Q: I would like to buy a server epic jewelry, some things that are not present in the list, can help with this?

A: Yes, we can help with this, as you need to contact by contact, or to the operator.

Q: I have a question, how do I protect myself?

A: The answer is very simple. You can buy as directed by the full amount, and are often just looking for information on the Internet, usually about the service "Grifters" (colshop / l2garant / rpg-shop, etc.) there are a lot of negative information. About 3 years of work, this information is not present (the fact we are very proud, a good reputation is worth a lot).