Who we are? What we do? When we begun?

Lineage 2 adena

The size of the wallet at all times solves many problems. It doesn't matter if you are interested in buying equipment or purchasing of a castle - gold will open any doors. Just like in the real world, adena in Lineage 2 is the main resource that is vital for the development of your character and its overall impact on the world. If you want to improve your armor and weapons, buy new equipment, if you need buffs, potions, materials, and much more, you cannot do without hundreds of thousands of gold.

The beginning of our long journey

Back in 2007, we began to think about the possibility to buy adena. It was this year that the clan r33t was created on one of the first American servers lineage2world. It was a great time, full of discoveries, epic battles, and conquests. This clan was a place where many found friends and had a lot of fun. We started with the game at low rates, it lasted for a long time. Then, our clan gradually moved to middle rates. Our community grew day by day and our affiliates began to appear on many PvP servers around the world.
It was at this moment that we began to understand the importance of l2 adena. It became obvious that the high skill of playing the character is very important, but a good boost will bring a much greater effect. Our clan has become very active in buying adena and selling it. Thus, we began to engage in that make life easier for other players.

Further progression

And then our clan went to a new level. In December 2012, our clan leader Freez founded the r33tsellers in-game currency selling website, this was our first gold-selling website where you could find l2 adena for sale. Everything was at the initial, primitive level, but this was only the beginning.
Our business began to develop at a rapid pace. In 2015, we already had 5,000 gold sales and we moved to russian domen, and in 2016 we officially moved to r33team.com and went international.
This is where our modern history begins. Over all these years, we have conducted more than 15,000 transactions and made so many players happy. Each of our clients was satisfied, because we have the cheapest lineage 2 adena and an individual approach to the client. We specialize in buying and selling gold and few can compare with us in this service area.
The r33t.com team is over 13 years old. All these long years we learned the game Lineage 2 and the sale of adena. We received tremendous experience in working with clients, which is why we are so easy to facilitate the lives of all the players who have come to us.

More about r33team.

If you purchased gold from us, you can be 100% sure that you will receive it directly in your hands and within a specified time frame. Our individual approach to customers makes us very different from our competitors. The r33team will rather work at a loss to itself than leave the client unhappy. For our regular customers who buy lineage 2 adena, we have a discount system.
In addition, for all your questions, you can consult with our call-operator on the site, online support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
If you plan on making adena on your own, it will take you months of your life, because comfort in Lineage 2 is very expensive. Even a stand-alone grind of mobs requires buff-boosts and potions, besides, you constantly run the risk of being killed by another player, and this will very, very much push your progress backwards. Therefore, buying lineage 2 adena is a great idea, you often have to upgrade weapons, armor, learn professions and spells. Addressing us, you save yourself from the boring grind.
Besides the fact that the site r33team.com sells game currency, it is also possible to buy gold from you! Our warehouses always need large quantities of coins, since we are one of the best sellers of gold according to many players, and people constantly buy billions of game currency from us. So not only lineage2 adena buy is available, but also sale is possible with us.

Why is the adena cost constantly changing?

You will be surprised, but the developers of this great game NCSOFT are to blame! They often change the drop chance of gold, which in turn contributes to the constant fluctuations in the price of gold in the market. One can only hope that prudence will prevail and they will stop playing with the drop rate of coins.

How is the order of the gold and their delivery?

So, you decide that grind mobs are not for you and want to buy l2 adena. Cool! Everything is simple, go to our website, contact the online support operator, specify the required amount of gold and the desired method of delivery. We have several:
- by mail in the game;
- delivery by courier to you;
- sale in the in-game shop.
Feel free to contact us, we are the best of the best. And this is not idle talk, for 8 years we have conquered respect of many Lineage 2 players. Only our individual approach to customers, customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and full dedication made us top adena seller l2.