Servers based on the legendary classics (C1 Chronicle) which opened in 2015 / Now available for European users!

Server 1kk 10kk 20kk 100kk
0.99$ 9.9$
19.8$ 99$

Minimal order 3kk

We accept paypal. If you want to pay via paypal please connect to operator in right corner .

Delivery 5 minutes , if you find cheaper ask operator he will make best price for you.

With best regards r33team.



Powerlevel Price

Standard Exping  (2,5kk exp)

2,5$ (1 hour)
1-40 (with all classes)65$(2-4days) 
Seconds class change30$ (3-5 hours)

All chars sellings with mails and all data (security passwords etc) , we don't sell chars without mail's.


updated: 04.10.2018

#1 Elemental Summoner 68 level. (without items).225$
#2 Scavenger 74 level, (without items).257$
#3 Overlord 64 level, (+85 days), (without items).257$
#4 Bishop 73 level (without items).225$
#5 Shillien Elder 66 level (without items).   
#6 Tyrant 76 level (without items)196 EUR
#7 Necromancer 76 level (without items)336 EUR
#8 Duelist 77 level (without items)147 EUR
#9 Bishop 57 level (without items)98 EUR
#10 Sorcerer 60 level (without items)91 EUR
#11 Shillien Knight 60 level (without items)112 EUR
#12 Necromancer 71 level (without items)168 EUR
#13 Bladedancer 65 level, (without items). 
#14 Silver Range 64 level. Things, the hero. (without items) .The price is negotiable
#15 Destroyer 65 level. No inventory, Destroyer 65 lvl, Sorcerers 40 lvl, Dark Wizard 20 lvl, 117 pvp 2 pk300 EUR
#16 Bounty Hunter 40 level. with quest and scrolls for xp rune ( without gear) 
The price is negotiable
#17 Shilien Elder 59 60% with Blue wolf robe set basic d grade one handed mage staff TOP C grade jewel sets
#18 WC 72 level. ecliptic +3 (wynn 8) emi +9 BW robe set avadon robe set 36 kk adena
#19 Swordsinger 78 level (without items)
400 EUR
#20 Bishop 68 level, (without items).
250 EUR
#21 Warlord 50 level, (without items).  
#22 PhantomSummoner 76 level, (without items)
#23 BD LVL 71 with 55%,  (without items).  
#24 PP lvl 72 - 32%, (without items).  
#25 Spoiler lvl 75, (without items).  
#26 DA lvl 77, (without items).  
#27 Scavenger 67 level, (without items)
250 EUR
#28 Elven Elder 76 level, (without items)
350 EUR
#29 Warcryer 67 level, (without items)
250 EUR
#30 Shillien Elder 75 level (without items)
280 EUR
#31 Prophet 58 level/BW robe set/90 days subscription
#32 Bladedancer 52 level/90 days subscription
98 EUR
#33 Bladedancer lvl 60 with Blue Wolf heavy set basic d grade dual swords TOP C grade jewel sets
#34 EE 62 lvl
#35 WC 67 lance +3 + BWH +3
#36 SK 72 lvl 14.73% Berserk+7 (7 Othells) Doom Heavy Set(Boots+6) / BO Necklace Earring / Adamantite Rings / Elven Earring 56-30% 20-40% 18-100% 14-Cakes-20% 53-Fruits 4-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 15 45 51 70) / 42 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#37 Tyr 71 lvl 74.08% Great Pata+7 (7 Othells) BW Heavy Set+3 / BO Necklace / Earring Rings / Elven Earring 46-30% 20-40% 15-100% 14-Cakes-20% 49-Fruits 4-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 15 45 60 70) / 41 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#38 Destr 72 lvl 5.91% Great Sword+7 (8 Othells) BW Heavy Set / BO Set 49-30% 20-40% 18-100% 14-Cakes-20% 53-Fruits 4-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 15 45 51 70) / 42 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#39 SE 72 lvl 4.52% Tome of Blood (8 Iss) BW Robe Set+3 / Necklace of Mermaid / Moonstone Earring / Elven Earring / Adamantite Rings 41-30% 20-40% 15-100% 14-Cakes-20% 54-Fruits 4-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 15 45 60 70) / 41 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#40 WARC 72 lvl 2.51% Great Pata+3 (6 Othells) Avadon Robe Set+4+3 / Necklace of Mermaid / Moonstone Earring / Elven Earring / Adamantite Rings 44-30% 20-40% 15-100% 14-Cakes-20% 54-Fruits 4-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 15 45 60 70) / 41 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#41 SWS 75 lvl 93.8% SLS+3 (6Othells) Doom Heavy Set+4+3 + Shield / Elven Necklace / Elven Earrings / Adamantite Rings 28-30% 18-40% 15-100% 22-Cakes-20% 28-Fruits 7-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 61 75) / 45 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#42 BD 75 lvl 95.3% SLS*SLS+5 (8 Othells) FP Full Set / Necklace of Mermaid / Elven Earrings / Adamantite Rings 40-30% 19-40% 15-100% 22-Cakes-20% 20-Fruits 7-box-100% 2-Cats-20% 10-Balls-100% (Mission rewards lvls 50 61 75) / 32 day Subs (06.08)  
The price is negotiable
#43 BP 70 lvl 18.78% Ghoul Stuff+3 (8 Iss) Karmian Set / Doom Robe Boots+3 Helmet+3 / Necklace of Mermaid / Elven Earring / Nassen Earring / Adamantite Rings 38-30% 19-40% 18-100% 14-Cakes-20% 43-Fruits 4-box-100% 2-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 15 45 70) / 41 day Subs (06.08) 
The price is negotiable
#44 BH 72 lvl 12.85% Yaksa Mace+3 (6 Othells) FP Set+6 + Shield / Doom Robe Boots+3 Gloves+3 / BO Necklace / Earring Ring / Nassen Earring / Adamantite Rings 51-30% 20-40% 15-100% 14-Cakes-20% 53-Fruits 2-box-100% 3-Cats-20% (Mission rewards lvls 45 60 70) / 41 day Subs (06.08)  
The price is negotiable
#45 PS 76 lvl 71% Withouts gears and Subs (same acc Sorcerer 43 lvl / Necromancer 33 lvl) have lvl 4 Bracer and many event items+hats
The price is negotiable

How to buy chars? Connect to operator in right corner and ask about char (identify your char with number #3,4,5)

Important (power level) :

1. We need access to your account

2. We guarantee of exping without bots only by hands.

3. You can allow or forbid to use SS (Spirit shots or soulshots).

4. All adena & items in powerleveling - yours.

If you have some questions , ask operator in right corner.

Buy Adena Euro Classic
    European fans have long been awaiting the opening of the Euro Classics server Skelth. And now the day has come. European gamers already in the first minutes connect to the server, confident of its reliability and durability. Inova decided not to repeat old mistakes and ensures that Skelth live more than one year. All Reita were increased and a half times, but earn Adena this was not easy. The best and quickest way to get as much gold will buy it for real dengi.Adena is the main currency on any server la2. Having it in sufficient quantity, you can buy and improve any weapons and armor in the two accounts. Ways of its production a lot, but they are all pretty boring. Players who do not spend real money on in-game currency and sit playing for days on end, can make the usual gold killing mobs. Sometimes monsters drop useful buns, which soon sold on the market in three road. Also avid gamers like to arrange trips for the bosses ten times a day. When these players sit on the trade area, selling top-end armor and earning hundreds of thousands. But not everyone has so much time.
    Most of the players work and study, so that the game is only a couple of hours a day. Someone manages to come off only by spending on the game less than five hours per week. When the farm? Really have to be lagging on a new server? Do not worry, because you can buy Aden and catch up with the others. No more roach for a penny, killing monsters and completing quests boring. Now, any top-end armor and legendary weapons will be available in the store. Just a few clicks, and your inventory will envy even the best players.
Aden on the classics?
    Farm Gold is always time-consuming players. Avid gamers on the new server will have time to develop your character in a few days. Did you have a desire to go to the start of armor and weapons, while others are already being arrange trips strong bosses? Without powerful equipment you will not take any one group. Team boss to be nearly impossible to collect because even beginners will not go to the weak melkourovnemu character. Want to start a ready-made group? With this great problems arise for the same reason. Even if you are an avid player la2, if you have high levels on other servers, you do not expect a pardon, because is not so much your experience as a sword the size of a character. Start small: arrange several trips to the lungs bosses sit on the trading floors in the hope of selling the collected loot and spend time on other methods of income, while others buy Aden for real money and already struggling in the final instance. Perhaps because you can save to your favorite sword in a few months. I do not like that option? Then keep up with the others and buy Aden, fulfilling all their desires. After a purchase you will take on any boss, because everyone loves the rich and powerful players.
Buy Adena Euro Classic
    An integral part of the line is a massive PvP battle between members of the Alliance. They represent a castle siege and tested twice a week. To participate in the siege to be a member of the Alliance of the fifth level. Victory in such an event would bring a lot of experience, money and fame. Of course, no one will take you to the clan without a powerful equipment. Few people want to just sit on the sidelines and watch the war, when you can easily be in the heart of its events. Buy Adena Skelth be the best option, because the money you earn some credibility for yourself and start getting invitations to the Alliance. Once can only register in the event and get to the top, because the legendary armor is virtually impossible to break, and with the help of powerful weapons you will be putting enemies right and left. Hurry, because the sooner you got the best equipment, the faster will notice references to its name in the general chat next to the words of praise. Who knows, maybe you will be able to become a legendary player whose name will be pronounced with great respect. Those who want to get all of the group for the sake of image.