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    Adena gamecoast x3 Classic

    Buying gold is always a responsible business. It does not matter whether you buy a small amount of game currency or spend a round sum for your amusement, our service will be loyal to everyone and pay the most attention; our reputation and your desire to use our service in the future depends on it.

    What do you need to know before you buy adena gamecoast?

    The server gamecoast x3 was created in 2016, during this time it opened only 3 servers (if taken in comparison with other projects such as scryde) it's nothing at all.

    What does GameCoast server offer its players?

- Stable game

- Advertising throughout the whole project (as gold sellers, we do not have prejudices, it's not a praise for the project)

- Only the official server files, called the people of PTS.

  Choosing a game on the gamecoast, you are condemning yourself to "sleepless nights" on a quality project, but if you "facilitate" this process, there is always r33team 

    How to place an order for adena x3 classic

    Our service in the market of game currency exists not the first year and we have already earned the reputation as excellent and fast guys, we work 24/7 without days off and breaks.

All that we need from you is your character's name or tween. After that you can choose the payment method that best suits you and pass to the payment procedure. If you have not received adena within 15 minutes, you should contact the operator, we advise you to clarify the availability before purchasing.

If you have a "specific payment" method, such as Bitcoin, Skrill, or through paypal - always contact the operator.

 The question is - where adena comes from?

- The r33team team is of ~ 45 people who farm 24/7

- We do not use bots

- We do not "hack" accounts and do not sell them.

    Powerleveling gamecoast x3 with the command -

Leveling a character is always a long grinding of mobs, especially if we are talking about classics.

There are several options for boosting.

1) You have a new character and you urgently need to catch up with friends.

In this case, we will work according to the following scenario

If it's DD, we dress him up in our gear, give him a full support, and pump on the high level mobs, to the level where we can already take him to the second stage. «Wig farm».

2) The wig farm (if you need to get up from 50 to 60-70 for a few days)

And in our experience, the fastest way to get a high lvl with a character is to get it completely ready


- Speed ​​of purchase (within 1-3 hours)

- The price goes much cheaper


If you decide to use the services of our team or not, talk to the online operator and clarify the questions that you have.

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