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Our server offers the visitors of our page different services on the famous international server Shillien, where daily online reaches a mark of 5000 people a day. We offer you the following services:

- Purchasing an unlimited amount of Adena for your account. Fast and reliable!
- Protection from account blocking by the administration. Our experts will make sure that when using third party programs or bots, the user will not be caught. Thus, the players can easily pump and strengthen their characters;

The following factors can serve as a guarantee of safety for each customer:
- Experience in protecting from blocking and currency sales on different Lineage 2 servers for five years;
No complaints about the quality or delays have been reported. The customer always gets what he wants. You can check out feedback on different pages of the site.

You can always discuss the price and the amount of service and we’ll come to a best agreement. Our tech support will be glad to answer any questions regarding the services we provide. Any suggestions and feedback are appreciated! Our Administration puts your interests first and that is why our resource is the best.